David Coleman Scholarship 2021


Please submit your application by April 19th, 2021. Deadline has passed.

Student Info

Any current residence hall student may apply for the scholarship, but must be enrolled for classes for the 2020 fall semester. Students who are currently employed as resident assistants are ineligible for this scholarship.


In 750 words or less, identify the challenge you faced, how it impacted your quality of life, and how you overcame it to be successful at the University of Iowa.

Please remember: this is an essay; content, spelling and grammar are extremely important.

750 Words


Your non-family references must complete the Coleman Scholarship Reference Form online by April 21st, 2021.

Note: Once you submit your application, emails with links to an online reference form will be sent to your references. Make sure you provide accurate and valid email addresses of your references.

1st Reference
2nd Reference

Note: if you are selected for this award, it will be reported to the Student Financial Aid Office and it may have an impact on your federal or state need-based financial aid awards.